You're Thinking About Some Big Life Decisions
for You and Your Family.

Come Get More Clarity, Strength and Certainty to Be Sure You're Making the Right Ones


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The Details for This Course

  • When is it? 3 Live Sunday Sessions at, 3PM Mountain Time on August 30, September 6, and September 13. (Recordings Available)
  • Where is it? Wherever you feel comfortable, with your laptop, iPhone or Android (with good Wifi!)
  • Who's doing it? Presented by Penn Dodson and Christopher Anderson of New Leaf Family.
  • Why should I be there? To stop feeling stuck, or in a position where decisions are being made for you. To gain self-confidence, and feel more empowered in your decision making for your family.
  • What's it all about? A CONFIDENTIAL process where you improve your ability to make decisions, feel confident about them, and about yourself.
  • What's it not about? This is not about pushing you to any particular decision ... but helping you get unstuck, and more confident in making the best decisions you can for yourself and your family.
  • What's it Cost? Nothing. Normally the fee for this workshop is $99.- However, because we know times are tight, but the need for this workshop hasn't gone away, we're offering this session FREE. In exchange we ask that you play all in!
  • Our Guarantee? If you don't believe this program is worth 3x what you paid for it by the end of the 2nd session, we will give you your money back ... just for asking.

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Learn From Experience

"Many feel (rightly so) that advice and 'help' offered in regard to major relationship decisions come from the perspective of wanting to incite conflict, or drive you to a decision that fits with their view of the world.

"Our experience is that the best decisions come from you, even in times of confusion. This process is designed to help you know, with confidence, what you want, and how to make all the decisions that come with that."

Christopher Anderson , Co-Founder, New Leaf Famly


During This Live Webinar, You Will Experience:

  • Three Weekly Sessions. Each live session will have you learning and doing! It is important to practice the lessons, right away. There will also be homework between sessions to help you cement this power as part of your life.

  • Challenge, and Support. Nothing about this process is easy. If it were, you probably wouldn't be here. In these sessions we will push you and challenge you, but in a supportive environment - one in which we give you tools and resources with which to succeed. 

  • Affordable Guidance. Unlike professional counselors and lawyers, our advice is extremely affordable. If you do end up needing professional services in the future, going through this process is likely to minimize those expenses because you will have a better sense of what you want and need from them.

  • Confidential. This process is online and confidential. Although this is a "group" session, no attendees can see others' information.

  • Answer Your Questions Live. This is not a pre-recorded training. Join Christopher and Penn live and they answer your questions (without revealing your identity) throughout the presentation and afterward.

WARNING: Space is limited and these LIVE webinars always fill up because they provide important, useful, and actionable guidance at an affordable price point. Your registration is RISK FREE. (Details on Registration Page.)